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AnFX Product Information

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AnFX Overview:

AnFX has been empowering web designers the world over for more than a decade and it is still one of the leading programs in rich media development. With an intuitive design studio and point and click simplicity, flash and Java have never been easier! It's so easy to use ... no coding or scripting requiredOur intuitive design studio takes care of all the hard work leaving you time to concentrate on whats important. Whether you are designing personal or corporate sites, AnFX is the tool to save you time and money.Text Effect, Menu and Button Wizards make it all so easyFor even simpler designs AnFX comes with its own set of wizards for a variety of smooth text effects and fully customisable menu and button wizards.Scene ManagementAnFX comprises a unique scene management toolbar that allows access to common background and foreground layers and with easy access to this permanent tool bar it makes jumping from scene to scene as easy as point and click.Image and SoundAnFX gives you the ability to insert your own images and manipulate them using a mulitude of effects.And you can also insert sound files and have them play in your productions. AnFX boasts compact, highly optimized export files meaning faster downloads and more satisfied site visitors. Other tools generate extremely bulking .swf files that take visitors a long time to download. AnFX optimizes movie files to make them smaller than normal.

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